His Work

I created this blog with the working woman in mind. Whether it’s a 9 to 5, or something a little less conventional, the work we put our hands to is often a huge part of who we are – giving us some of our greatest enjoyment and also some of our greatest stress. Our work has the capacity to influence our passions, and affect great change. We are all works in progress.

But at the end of the day, it’s the work of someone else that really matters.

Christ laying His life down on the cross was the ultimate work of saving my soul and wrestling for my salvation and winning my heart. There is no good work I could ever do that could possibly compare. There’s also no way I could ever earn what He’s done for me.

Two years ago today, I was baptized.

House of GodAfter years of walking the fine line between in and out, sure and not really sure, I made the commitment. I freely surrendered to it. No other decision will ever hold the same weight. Maybe that’s because no other person could know all there is to know, and still love without ever changing. It is the biggest, most important choice you will ever make. More so than what you do or even who you marry, this is the choice that has the potential to define the rest of your life and all of your eternity.

It is not to be taken lightly.

The words I wrote then are still true today. Whatever you think God is, He is always so much more. And then some.


When you are baby baptized, dress is fancy, water sprinkled, action empty.

But then you grow. Heart strings stretch. Eyes shift up.

Because no one died so you could have more rules. He wants a relationship.

Clothes you wear today are of no consequence. You consider worth. Cross and cost.

His sinless soul so soaked with sin.

And that would have been enough. But He is never enough.

He seeks, and He saves, and He sets free. And then He stands firm.


And it’s safe to stay.

So now today it’s a choice and you’re happy to drown in it. Because now you’re all in.

Because He will forever be the only one who followed His love for you all the way to His death for you. And then came back for you.

Because when you really love someone there is no such thing as enough.

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