A note from Jen –

I’ve always counted career as one of my greatest loves. Doing good work brings me joy. A few years ago, a change in jobs led me down a road I would have never chosen, but those roads tend to make the most interesting journeys. And in every journey there’s a story. I found myself looking at work and life through a completely new lens – it wasn’t just my job that changed, my entire life was altered and I was changing, too. I was being stretched in ways I never thought I could be and refined under conditions I never dreamed I could bare. Out of that Good Work was born. I created this space to share my career successes and trials, my life pursuits and personal stories. I also want it to be an inspiration and encouragement for others. We all have a working woman inside us – a work in progress. Regardless of where you are in life or career, know that you aren’t alone in your passions or your struggles. And no matter what, God will work it all together for your good.





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